What To Expect


Sunday 10 AM In House with masks/without masks with social distancing & hand sanitizer.

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Welcome to First Assembly of God. We’ve put together some information here that anticipates and tries to briefly answer some of the questions you may have prior to visiting our church for the first time:

2020 Theme ~ JOIN THE REVOLUTION! "One Small Step!"

Revolution is defined as, "The forcible overthrow of a social order in favor of a new system." We think that the current trends toward entitlement, self-centered living, rejection of God's desire for humanity, etc. is not working. We want to re-establish GOD"S teaching & lifestyle. We know the blessings that come from obedience, forgiveness, truth & love. That is our desire: to show the world a better way.... the Way of Jesus the Messiah. By serving everyday in some way, we take One Small Step to lift the burdens of others, to be cheerleaders to those without one, to celebrate the little things, to embrace victories & resolve our failures/weaknesses by the grace of Jesus. Join our Revolution!

For more information & this week's focus, please check the tab marked: REVOLUTION!


It's important to us that you feel welcome when visiting. We hope our atmosphere will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

You will be greeted and welcomed. We encourage using masks but leave the choice to you. Hand sanitizer and masks are available to all who enter the Father's House. 

The music and worship are built around Biblical themes that are timeless. You are welcome to sit, stand or dance as we praise the LORD. We sometimes use flags & banners to celebrate our joy!  As God's Word declares, we are to make a joyful sound!

We also try to be Family Friendly. No matter your family dynamics, you're welcome at First Assembly of God and we're excited for you to consider being a part of our church family! Our intent is to serve the whole family. Due to the concerns parents have about covid19, child care & instruction is currently unavailable. We are assessing plans & needs each month. Stay tuned for changes. We want to get the kids back to Kid's Church! 


From the pulpit you will hear sound teaching & preaching. The focus of each message is geared for everyone to understand and t0 find comfort & encouragement. We also teach on the Leviticus 23 Feasts/Fasts of the Lord along with Easter, Christmas & Pentecost. We like to celebrate the love & power of God!

Biblical Teaching

We place a high priority on the preaching and teaching of God's Word. The worship service is a time for us to come together as a community to learn, be encouraged and to be challenged by God's Word. Other opportunities exist beyond the Sunday worship service where members have a chance to grow, fellowship, or otherwise be a part of a Church family that lives out their faith together. Currently, we are offering a Pastor-led series on Revelation: Lving In These Times, online via ZOOM each Tuesday night 7-8 PM [on break right now but we'll begin again September 15th]. If you would like to join the study group, please go to the "connect" tab and send your info to Pastor Che' and she'll include you on the list when she sends the Zoom link each week.