The High Holy Days are here!


Sunday 10 AM In House with masks/without masks with social distancing & hand sanitizer.

The High Holy Days of Fall are upon us!

Join us 10 am Sunday the 26th,  for the Grandest Feast Day: Sukkot -- The Feast of Tabernacles!

This is the last and greatest day on God's calendar in Leviticus 23 -- the plan of God.

This special service includes worship, prayer and a message. Then we eat a festive meal in our sukkah/tabernacle outside.                      So come dressed for the weather!

Let's celebrate the joy of hearing God's plan as it seems to be unfolding right before us these days. This is a precious part of God's plan of Salvation, Deliverance and Restoration. It speaks of God's love, grace and mercy leading to the parousia/rapture of His People before the Great Tribulation.